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Note: Online service requests are processed from 8 a.m.- 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. A minimum of 5 business days is required before service can be established. Online service requests can be made a maximum of 90 days in advance. If a deposit is not required and there is no further information required, you will receive an email confirmation of your request and the service connection date. Please make sure to add EnergyUnited to your spam folder settings.

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A $5.00 membership fee and the applicable connection fee will be included in your first bill.
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Identify verification and deposits are determined by a personal credit check through Online Utility Services. If a deposit is required, you will be contacted by a customer care representative to discuss deposit options.

Note: If you choose to submit any information via EnergyUnited’s secure online form, please be advised that the information has been encrypted for security purposes. However, the electronic submission of personal identifying information (driver’s license number, Social Security Number, or other information) may be subject to inadvertent disclosure due to the nature of the technology. Any provision of personal identifying information is at your own risk and no guarantee or warranty of privacy or confidentiality, express or implied, is provided by EnergyUnited.

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